10 tracks picked by Chaim

When one thinks of electronic music and Israel, one glimpses in his or her mind key names like Red Axes, Guy Gerber, Roy Rosenfeld, or the mythical club The Block in Tel Aviv. It is precisely there, at The Block, where our guest today has signed some of his best live performances. Other locations where he has stuck his flag are Panorama Bar, Fabric London and Circoloco. As a presentation card, not bad at all.

We’re talking about Chaim, a guy who is making a name for himself in the most cosmic fields of dance electronica. His indie-dance proposal, with electronic pop and rock upsets -he remembers his fellow countrymen Red Axes- has already taken the likes of Guy Gerber for Rumors, Ellen Allien for BPitch Control and Tiga for Turbo Recordings. All of it, in 2019.

In this first half of 2020, Chaim has been active in the studio. On May 29th, he released a remix of Geju’s “Prazdnost” on Gardens of Babylon. And, this next Friday 12th of June, a new remix, in this case of “Heart Signs” by dOP, sees the light on Eleatic Records.

Chaim’s live acts advocate cuttin-edge electronica, far from the main structures of techno and house music. As we said, he embraces pop and rock personalities, with indie as a great instrument. When an artist advocates for sounds so genuine and far from the main lights, discovering his main influences is an exercise of great interest. That’s why we asked Chaim to go through his library, his own musical history. What 10 tracks have made Chaim the artist he is today?

1. Beastie Boys – Intergalactic

Beastie Boys were always part of my childhood, but when this one came out, the changing of the pitch, together with the metal guitars, was everything.

2. Warren G ft. Nate Dogg – Regulate

This is one of the songs that I hate listening to it with other people. It has to be alone, with headphones and full volume, to feel the bass and its warmth. Such an elegant and timeless song.

3. Roxy Music – Same Old Scene

The combination of electric percussions and electric guitars here is everything.

4. Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls

Again, with my addiction to basslines, the winning chords and the whispering vocals make this one of the sexiest songs of the 80’s.

5. Soft Cell – Torch

This melody on this record really touches me so much. The lyrics and the vocal are magical and pure. 

6. Giorgio Moroder – e=mc2

Giorgio Moroder is responsible for so many incredible hits that many people love so much, but this is one of the less familiar tracks he made. His influence on my music has been immense. This track is the perfect space disco.

7. Danny Tenaglia – Elements (The Chant)

I’ve said it in so many past interviews: Danny has always been one of the biggest influences on my music. The story of “Elements” really inspired me -I heard from a friend  that it was actually supposed to be a remix, but the sample Danny created in the studio was so good that he said: “Fuck it, I’m keeping  it for an original”. I don’t know if this story is 100% true, but it still inspires me. I gotta check it out with Danny one day.

8. Cerrone – Supernature

To be honest, as much as I love the original, the remix by Tenaglia affected me the most. Danny took the best parts of the track and, in the middle, he just made a break and started with the tribal drums. I’ve learned a lot from it in a way that a track can stop in the middle and start with something else with just a small string that connects it all.

9. The Notorious B.I.G. ft. Pam Long – Hypnotize

The track title describes it better than any other word could. ?

10. Africa Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force – Planet Rock

Bambaataa is one of the most inspiring figures on me from the early days. As a kid, I loved breakdancing and Planet Rock was a present that I got for my bar mizvah.

And one more for luck…

10 1. Ido Amin – Total Disconnect

This local producer made this sick soundtrack of an Israeli movie called Eddie King. Influential and unexpected before his time.


(Cover Image: © The Altitude Agency)