7 Terrific Ways To Make The Most Of Fever’s Online House Party This Weekend

Party like you mean it.

As lockdown continues and we find ourselves clawing at the windows on a Saturday night—dreaming of sinking a few too many pints at the pub and ending up on a dancefloor in goodness knows where—Fever is here to mend our woes with their weekly Live House Party, every Saturday night at 9pm.

At these epic virtual events, things will get weirder than your wild nights out with the work lot, believe me. Here there are prizes for bonkers outfits and crazy dance moves, and, from the comfort of their own living room, people don’t hold back. As Fever’s Live House Party is approaching its third edition, it’s safe to say that we know a thing or six about how to make the most out of it. So, here you have it…

1. Dig out your wildest outfit

Be original. The best outfit wins £50 in Fever vouchers, which you can spend on brilliant London events when this is all over. We’ve seen some seriously creative stuff in weeks gone by, so dig out that old superhero costume, or shower yourself in glitter. We love to see it.

2. Get inventive with your Zoom background

We’ve all had hours of fun with different Zoom backgrounds, and don’t you deny it. Rollercoaster rides, cute puppies, sneaking your way onto TV sets… this is the kind of Saturday night entertainment we’re living for these days.

3. Rehearse your moves

Another £50 is up for grabs for the person with the best dance moves, so get practising those TikTok routines, or try and perfect your Beyonce impression.

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4. Don’t let technology fail you

This might seem like an obvious one, but it’s the only thing holding this together. Make sure your phone or laptop has enough charge to last the party. And this only happens once a week, so don’t let crappy WiFi get in the way of your wild night in.

5. Get to know each other

Missing the empowering conversations you’d usually have with girls in bar toilets? (“Babe, you’re so beautiful and intelligent, he’s soooo not worth it”) Well, we guarantee you’ll experience the same level of fulfilment if you head to the Zoom chat during Fever’s Live House Party. It’s absolute chaos in there, and we are so here for it.

6. And finally, don’t be late

Unlike in real life, it doesn’t pay to be fashionably late to this party. Capacity is limited and there’ll be no queue outside in the cold while a bouncer shouts “one in one out” — they haven’t quite achieved that level of realism yet. Once the party reaches capacity, that’s it. So make sure you have your (free) ticket ahead of time, and log on at 9pm.

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