An Enormous New Beer Garden Will Open In Walthamstow This Saturday


Say hello to 35,000 square feet of pub at Truman’s Social Club.

Right, by now you’ll be all too aware that pubs are reopening on July 4, but what you may not know is that something has been brewing in the darkness in the meantime. A drinking establishment forged in secret; one pub to rule them all, one pub to bind them, and all that. Now, with a scant few days to go, it has been revealed. Opening on Saturday, Truman’s Social Club will become the biggest socially-distanced pub and beer garden in the entire UK when it’s fully up and running. In the entire UK!

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Walthamstow’s newest resident, Truman’s Social Club is a whopping 35,000 square feet large, and comes fully-equipped with everything needed for a cracking afternoon out. When it’s fully opened, it’ll feature an on-site brewery, a tap room, that enormous beer garden, street food traders, and event space. For this weekend, however, it’ll start with just the outdoor beer garden, a space which has been configured to conform to social distancing guidelines.

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The beer garden will have Truman’s Beer on tap, and will boast street food traders such as Zero and Walthamstow Dogs. Groups of up to six people are invited to come hang out, and whilst you’ll be asked to make a £5 reservation deposit per person to secure your seat (and ensure that the number of patrons is kept at a safe level), it can be redeemed with a pint of Truman’s or a soft drink once you’re inside. Walk-ins will be accepted, but you’re heavily advised to book in advance if you’d like to pay a visit.

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When the UK has got coronavirus under more control and social distancing measures are relaxed, Truman’s Social Club will be opening up the indoor space for even more shenanigans. They’re planning a strong community focus with the creation of 100 jobs over the next five years, and aims to become a social hub for Walthamstow residents, open seven days a week and hosting live performances, brewery tours, cinema screenings, and more. All that lies in the future, however. For now, let’s focus on the importance stuff – like settling in for a sunny pint overlooking Walthamstow Wetlands this weekend!

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