Arizona Nightlife: 9 Crazy Ways To Make The Most Of Your Night

If you are a travel enthusiast, chances are you already have the mighty Grand Canyon on your travel list. If you find yourself planning a trip to the states, make sure to add the beautiful state of Arizona to your itinerary. Whether you plan to stay in Phoenix, Tempe or Scottsdale, each city will make your holiday a memorable one. And while there’s plenty to stay during the day time, Arizona at night has a charm of its own. Get a glimpse of the exciting food and party scene that will have you coming back for more.

From piano bars, to a party on wheels, there’s something for everyone. If you are traveling with kids, get them along because you will find plenty of family friendly places as well like game zones, and night camps. So make sure to venture out and experience the best of the Arizona nightlife on your next holiday.

9 Things To Do In Arizona At Night

The sun may have gone down, but your enthusiasm will not. Be it visiting some of the best nightclubs in Arizona, or simply enjoying the sunset by the lake, seize every moment you spend here. If you are looking to explore the best nightlife in Arizona, don’t miss out on these wonderful activities!

  • Stargazing
  • Party Bike
  • Drive-In Theater
  • Moonlight Kayaking
  • Night Club
  • Stand-Up Comedy
  • Drinks
  • Sunset
  • Grand Canyon Star Party

1. Stargazing

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If loud music and bright neon lights aren’t your cup of tea, then don’t worry because there are plenty of other ways to enjoy the night. Picture this, a warm fuzzy blanket, open sky and your loved ones by your side. Could there be a better way to end an already eventful and enjoyable day? Spend some time admiring the beauty of the Arizona sky and try see if your spot some constellations. You can even sign up for a star gazing class if you like!

Where: Tempe Town Lake

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2. Party Bike

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Ever heard of a party on wheels? Well, here it is in all its glory. Arizona brings to you a pedal pub crawl where you can drive down the streets with your friends rocking to some fantastic tunes. If you’re traveling solo, hop onto one of the guided pedal tours and interact with the other travelers. This is definitely one of the most unique and exciting things to do in Arizona, so don’t miss out on it!

Where: Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Tuscon

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3. Drive-In Theater

If you have never enjoyed a drive-in movie experience, then this is your chance. Park in the driveway and enjoy a movie with some buttery popcorn. It may not be the movie of your choice, but it sure is a great way to spend your evening. The number of drive-in theatres have come down, but you’ll surely find some in cities like Phoenix and Glendale.

Where: Glendale, Phoenix

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4. Moonlight Kayaking

Enjoy the glistening beauty of the lake under the moonlight as you paddle away. Moonlight paddling is definitely one of the best things to do at night when in Arizona. The best time to do this would be during the full moon as you’ll find yourself in the middle of a picture perfect scenery.

Where: Glendale

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5. Night Club

Brace yourself because you will not be able to resist yourself from hitting the dancefloor. Offering the best of music, food and Arizona nightlife, you will find a large number of bars and clubs around Scottsdale and Phoenix. Some of the best nightclubs in Arizona are Maya Day And Night Club, Karamba Night Club and Char’s Has The Blue. If you are traveling with friends, you definitely cannot miss out on some of these spots.

Where: Scottsdale, Tempe, Phoenix

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6. Stand-Up Comedy

If you are looking to enjoy a more relaxed evening, head to any of the comedy clubs in the city. A night full of laughter and sarcastic jokes is sure to be the perfect end to your day. You can also indulge in some refreshing drinks and snacks while enjoying the performance. Some of the bars in the city also hosts comedy nights if you are interested.

Where: Phoenix, Scottsdale

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7. Drinks

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When in Arizona, you simply cannot miss out on the local breweries and bars. Grab a beer or enjoy a cocktail of your choice, whatever you desire, you are sure to find at these places. They also organize some wonderful live music performances to make your evening all the more memorable.

Where: Tempe, Parker, Scottsdale

8. Sunset

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If you are not one for the Arizona nightclubs and bars and want something a little more peaceful and close to nature, head to the scenic Grand Canyon Lake. Watch the sky change colors as the sun sets upon the hills. Make sure to carry your cameras and capture some beautiful pictures at golden hour. There are a number of other lakes in the state that you can stop by as well.

Where: Grand Canyon Lake

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9. Grand Canyon Star Party

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Experience the dark skies of the north and south rims of the Grand Canyon National Park. Celebrating the park’s 100th anniversary, make sure to head to the star party. During this time of the year, travelers are offered a free telescope viewing experience. Conducted between June 9th to 16th, the party is quite a unique one. Slideshows, constellation spotting and many more activities are organized.

Where: Grand Canyon National Park

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There’s a lot more to Arizona than the beautiful Grand Canyon. And while you will have a blast during the day, there’s plenty to do after the sun goes down. Experience the best Arizona nightlife by visiting some of the best bars, nightclubs and parties in the cities. If you too want to enjoy a memorable night in Arizona, then this is your chance, head over to TravelTriangle and plan your USA holiday.

Frequently Asked Questions About Arizona Nightlife

What is Arizona known for?

Arizona home to some of the most spectacular work of nature the Grand Canyon is mostly known for its amazing natural beauty and great weather. While Southern Arizona features a hot desert climate, northern Arizona is full of forests, mountain ranges, and canyons.

When is the best time to visit Arizona?

Though Arizona is an all-year destination, the spring and autumn seasons ar ethe best time to visit as the temperature in both north and south Arizona is mild and is perfect to enjoy some outdoor time.

What is there to do in Arizona?

Some of the best things to do in Arizona are: 1. Witnessing the immense beauty of the Grand Canyon 2. Take a short road trip to the Monument Valley 3. Try some adventure activities at Lake Mead Recreation Area 4. Explore the magnificent Antelope Canyon 5. Take a walk through the Desert Botanical Garden

Does Arizona have a good nightlife?

Offering the best music, food, and nightlife experiences, you will find a large number of bars and clubs all around the city of Arizona.

Which area is the best to enjoy the nightlife in Arizona?

Old Town Scottsdale has a large number of options when it comes to some amazing nightlife experiences in Arizona.

Is it safe to walk in Arizona at night?

Walking around in Arizona is quite safe at night and night hiking is quite a popular practice in Arizona. But some precautions sare necessary when walking through the desert or places where there could be chances of a wildlife encounter.

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