Bari Nightlife: 7 Best Places To Visit For A Happening Vacay Experience

Bari in southern Italy on the Adriatic Sea comes stunningly alive at night. This place is famous for unique Bari nightlife. Bari is a city with a deep past and a history of art and culture.

Before becoming a part of Italy under the Greeks Bari was an important city and it turned into a Roman municipality. Bari flourished in the middle ages while the rest of Europe had been caught in the dark period and it served as a link between the Greek and Middle-Eastern worlds.

With the pristine Graeco-Roman history behind it, Bari is a city where nights are lively with jazzy night bars and people enjoying the nightlife. Here the contemporaneity comes around with the middle-ages culture. Nature’s grandeur together with the ancient past and beach towns, Bari is a perfect tourist destination.

Bari Nightlife: 7 Best Places To Visit

If you are looking for an animated Bari nightlife come and romance with the night bars and clubs at Bari with your friends and family or simply visit on your next solo trip. Scroll down to know what all awaits you here!

  • Demode Club
  • Noise
  • Taverna del Maltese
  • Divinae Follie
  • La Parrilla de Juan
  • Nordwind
  • Joy’s Pub

1. Demode Club

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Demode Club is quite a roomy venue where you can enjoy concerts with national and international artists. If you are inclined for some authentic music by well-known singers Demode Club is the best place where you shake a leg to live rock music, hip hop, etc. Demode Club is an exciting place for music lovers and dancers.

Location: Viale Dei Cedri 14, 70026, Bari, Italy

Rating: 4.2

Timing: 2:00pm – 5am

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2. Noise

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Noise is a small bar that is centrally located. It is extremely famous with the tourists and locals regardless of its size because of its calming drinking and nightlife. Here one can enjoy the best of their spirits and listen to live music. Very often beautiful art exhibitions are held here which prove to be added attractions.

Location: Viale Salandra 8/A, Bari

Ratings: 5

Timing: 8:30 pm – 2:30 am

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3. Taverna del Maltese

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At Taverna del Maltese you can take pleasure in having a cup of coffee in the afternoon, a beer or a goblet of good wine in the evening. Acoustic live music makes the ambience more and more agreeable. By evening the place gets quite crowded and still, you can really enjoy drinking and nightlife with live acoustics sitting in a dimly lit bar.

Location: Via Nicolai 67, Bari

Ratings: 4.2

Timing: 8pm to 3am

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4. Divinae Follie

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Bari is filled with varied lively clubs. There are great nightclubs for dancing like the Divinae Follie which is just 40 km away and you can have a rocking nightlife in Bari, Italy and it holds around 3,000 people at a time. Here the DJs are the hosts of the clubs who play old numbers, rock, soothing music, and the music of the 70-80’s.

Location: Viale Ponte Lama 3, 76011 Bisceglie, Italy

Ratings: 4.0

Timing: 8pm-3am

5. La Parrilla de Juan

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If you want to enjoy some jazz music, Latin American music, the best club to go is Le Fleurs du mal in Bari, Italy. Cabarets are there at times. La Parilla de Juan is a club that combines Mexican and Italian in an ideal concoction. The decoration of La Parrilla de Juan is in a pure Mexican and in Graeco-Roman style. The tables and chairs are wooden and red napkins add lusciousness to the platters. It’s a really exciting place to visit and one must not forget to try the best Mojito there. Some real authentic and delectable Mexican food is also served here. It is a real one of the most happening nightclubs in Bari, Italy.

Location: Piazza Mercantile 21, Bari

Ratings: 3.5

Timing: 4 pm – 5 am

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6. Nordwind

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Nordwind is an American pub that has mixed regulars. It’s a pub and a pizzeria and also a proper nightclub in Bari. You might come across families grabbing a bite in the early evening and with the onset of evening, they go to the dance floor. This is place is a favorite of the students too.

Location: Via P. Giannone 16/e, Bari

Ratings: 3.6

Timing: Tuesday – Sunday 8:30 pm – 3:00 am

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7. Joy’s Pub

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This is an Irish pub in Bari, Italy. It is a very popular place with hospitable hosts and it offers a very warm and beautiful mood. Regulars here praise this place for the quality of the drinks. Tourists, after a long tiring day of sightseeing, come here for a beer. It’s a highly recommended place.

Bars, Nightclubs and Cafes are open till late in the night. Bari people have their dinner around 9 in the night and you will find a lot of vacant seats if you arrive earlier. People in Bari usually like to eat outside because Bari has beautiful weather throughout the year. People enjoy the best nightlife in Bari because of excellent weather. It’s never too cold and it is perfect you want to chill out and have walked along the old walls.

One can enjoy visits to the small beach villages. You can go to Molfetta, Bisceglie, Trani, Poliniano a Mare for a walk and a drink and enjoy the perfect. There are some dance clubs in Bari, but for proper discotheques, one can make a trip out to the popular Divine follie in Bisceglie only 40 km away from Bari, Italy.

Location: Corso Sidney Sonnino 118D, Bari

Ratings: 4.2

Timing: 7:00 pm – 3:00 am

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If you are looking out for a romantic rendezvous come and turn into a night owl to enjoy the nightlife in Bari, Italy to complete the clubbing. There can be no lacklustre moments in Bari because you can enjoy the excellent nightlife in Bari, Italy filled with memorable times that will remain etched in your memory.So if you are planning a trip to Bari, then Bari nightlife will keep you amazed and entertained. Go ahead and check out these fabulous places and make the most of your vacation. Bon Voyage Peeps! Have a great time in Bari. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Italy for a reviving holiday experience with your loved ones!

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