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Cirque Le Soir is famous for delivering unparalleled entertainment. Once you walk in, you will be greeted by the ringmaster and the signature clowns of Cirque Le Soir. You’ll also be ushered to your seats by fire breathers and circus artists to jumpstart your fun-filled night. Cirque Le Soir London does not fail to impress you with all the entertainment you can never get from any other place. It’s amazing how creative dress code is encouraged here at Cirque Le Soir, since it has that certain circus like jive into it. The Cirque Le Soir dress code is chic and elegant at all times. The crowd that goes into this venue is a complete mix and they are very friendly to first timers, so expect a good night to come out of this club. Expect partying in high notes as you watch and marvel at the amazing performances of the night.

Get on London Night Guide Cirque le Soir guestlist and let us manage your Cirque le Soir table reservation. With performances hailing from the world’s best circus acts, people all over the world gather in this nightclub to catch a glimpse of what Cirque le Soir has in store for the night. The queue gets busy during the weekends so we advise you to be there before 11:00pm. All the ladies will get free entry if they’re at the door before that time. Also, complimentary drinks are available from our hosting table. If you’re not a fan of lining up and looking to have a one of a kind nightout, table booking is perfect for you. It will include queue jump, bottle service, etc. If you like what you’re reading, visit the website

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