Club Dance Moves Tutorial For Beginners Part 2 (Beginner CLUB DANCE Step) Torso Rock

Learn how to dance in the club: in each video, I’ll teach you 1 simple dance move for beginners. In this video, you will learn a simple groove: Torso Rock.
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Song: Parks Netzy
Level of this move: BEGINNER
Danced to: top 40 music, pop, dance, hip hop, rnb, reggaeton and more

Other moves I used in my freestyle:
5:36 “Heel Tap”:
5:21 “Torso Rock + Heel Up”:

Explanation of levels:
– Basic – no prior dance experience required, movements will be done with basic rhythm
– Beginner – slightly more difficult, basic understanding of rhythm and some coordination skills required, usually 2 or more body parts moving at the same time
– Intermediate – requires good coordination, body control and rhythm
– Advanced – usually all technical movements will fall into this category
Learn simple footwork:
STEP FORWARD: (Basic Level)
BALL CHANGE IN PLACE: (Beginner Level)
HEEL OUT: (Basic Level)
STEP OUT: (Basic Level)

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