Fabric: Known as the best club in London

Fabric officially opened in October, 1999 – just in time to begin serving a new millennium of ravers worldwide. The Farringdon-based club was conceived by people that go to clubs, for people that go to clubs.

There’s a reason clubbers never get bored of Fabric’s sound. The legendary space boasts three separate rooms: two with stages for live acts, one with a ‘body sonic’ vibrating dancefloor (yep, really), and all with their own independent sound systems – allowing clubbers to feel the music through their skeletons, via their ears, and even their feet!

With an undeniable influence on the city’s underground music scene, Fabric mainly plays electronic music dedicated to bass sounds, such as dubset, bassline, drum and bass, and even some grime and breakbeat. 

Music director and resident DJ at Fabric, Craig Richards, says that the club was the first of its kind to kickstart the movement of underground music into the world of UK nightlife entertainment. 

Fabric club goes against the norm when it comes to dressing code policies. Unlike many London clubs, casual wear is preferred over bright and elegant dresses. Jeans, trainers, and caps are allowed – items that are usually on the no-go list when it comes to dressing codes. 

Why not visit this iconic part of dance music history next time you’re in the British capital?