Get A Taste Of Cuba Delivered To Your Door With This Brilliant Online Cocktail Market


November in lockdown isn’t winning any awards for 2020’s most exciting month, so it’s high time we made escapism our top priority. And whilst inspiration lies all around, we think a little trip to a colourful corner of the Caribbean is just what’s needed to put the spark into this winter. Whether you’ve visited or not, the excitement and vibrancy of Cuba has inspired visitors aplenty, including cocktail aficionados Revolucion de Cuba. And since the irrepressible soul of Cuba can’t be contained by a lockdown, Revolucion de Cuba – with the help of Havana Club – are bringing a little taste of the nation to you, with .

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Yes, nothing is going to liven up your winter nights quite like a punchy rum cocktail that could have walked straight out of the bars of old Havana. Cuba’s cocktail heritage is unquestioned, with classics including the mojito, daiquiri, and Cuba libre all originating from this mesmerising country. Revolucion de Cuba take pains to pay faithful homage to this tradition, with that’ll bring a tropical breeze to blow away your lockdown blues.

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Unsurprisingly, rum forms the base of every cocktail in Revolucion de Cuba’s online collection, starting with a pair of classics. Like the legendary Donn Beach, they keep the recipe for their Zombie a secret – but we know it blends Havana Club with lime, passionfruit, strawberry, orange, and grenadine, with a touch of Wray & Nephew White Overproof rum to bring a little fire. Meanwhile, if you’d prefer something laidback and breezy, the always-excellent Pina Colada should be right up your street, with Havana Club Añejo Especial rum used to add the Cuban influence.

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Revolucion de Cuba aren’t just about the classics though, as they’ve put a tropical riff on two cocktails that can lay valid claims to being London’s all-time favourites. The Pornstar Rumtini swaps out the vodka for Havana Club 3 Year Old rum, a substitute that’s well worth keeping. That goes double for the Espresso Rumtini, which blends Havana Club Añejo Especial rum, Kahlua, coffee and salted vanilla syrup – and since the Espresso Martini was invented here in London, we reckon it’s a perfect marriage between London and Havana.

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Finally, the Mango & Passionfruit Spritz brings a summer breeze to chilly November nights, adding a little fizz to your latest Zoom quiz or Netflix marathon. Having already brought Cuba to the UK with their empire of cocktail bars, Revolucion de Cuba are now bringing it straight to your front door with . Whether you fancy being your own bartender and adding a little flair, or just want to crack open a cocktail and transport yourself to the seafront bars of Havana, they’ve got you covered!

. 18 only, with valid ID. Please drink responsibly.

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