How to celebrate your 18th birthday in London’s nightclubs

How to celebrate your 18th birthday in London’s nightclubs

You want to learn how to celebrate your 18th birthday in London’s nightclubs ? If your eighteenth birthday is just around the corner, then you must be looking for the perfect place to make the celebrations memorable for your friends and yourself. With having finally received that much-coveted ID, you can book your own spot in one of London’s happening nightclubs. You can now raise the roof and have a night-long party with the drinks flowing and friends staying over after hours! The eighteenth birthday party is one of the most important occasions in your life because it marks your ‘coming of age’. So check out how to celebrate your 18th birthday in London’s nightclubs .


If you are looking for an exclusive venue with a tropical and Polynesian vibe to it, then Mahiki is the place to be. Located in Central London with a huge seating capacity of 450 guests and excellent ambience, you can now have the party of your dreams. You can order drinks and cocktails made by top tier mixologist Papa Jules. The flavour of the tropics will be there in each and every cocktail that you order. The exotic interior of the nightclub makes the place look like a tropical paradise. This will definitely make your party elegant, sophisticated and at the same time spectacular. Your friends will definitely be surprised by your classy and chic taste, whether it is in choosing the drinks for your party or the ambience and theme of the locale.

Cirque le Soir

But if you are in the mood for some drama, something idiosyncratic and wants to have an awesome birthday party, then check out Cirque le Soir. Here you will have a ringmaster entertaining you and circus clowns adding to the drama. If that was not enough then you can have fire breathers for your party. This is indeed not a party for the fainthearted! Fire breathers, ringmasters and clowns will only add to the decadence of the entire party and will completely boggle the minds of all your guests. The Cirque has a massive seating capacity of 500 guests, and you can order drinks from the wide range of alcoholic beverages available on the club’s menu. The ambience and music of the club will definitely make your eighteenth birthday party the talk of the town. If you are looking for an extravagant, out of

the world and quirky birthday party then consider booking an event at the Cirque le Soir.

Toy Room

Don’t be deterred by the name, because The Toy Room is a boutique nightclub located in Mayfair and is on its way to becoming one of the most exclusive nightclubs in London. Toy room is a great option to celebrate your 18th birthday in London’s nightclubs . It has a seating capacity of 180 guests, but that should not discourage you because it is ideal for a perfect party with your best pals. The iconic interiors of the Toy Room will be reminiscent of the childhood you are leaving behind as you turn into an adult. The Toy Room is for those who want to have a quirky and deviant birthday party. The ‘toys’ in the Toy Room is all about becoming an adult and has nothing to do with childish games! The exclusivity of the nightclub also makes it ideal for a party wherein you want to ring in your first day as an adult.

So depending on the type of party that you wish to throw and the numbers of guests that you wish to invite, choose a venue and plan the event. But be sure that you choose one that will make the party a most eventful one. After all eighteenth birthday is a milestone and one that should be celebrated with gusto. Here’s how to celebrate your 18th birthday in London’s nightclubs.


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