Jerusalem Nightlife: Witness The Night Come Alive At These Top 8 Places

Jerusalem, the holy city in Israel and one of the oldest cities in the world is known for its biblical references and stories. But this city has many other amazing experiences to offer to its guests, including tours and nightlife scenes. Here are some of the places where you can witness Jerusalem nightlife.

8 Best Places To Enjoy Jerusalem Nightlife

Here are the best places to witness the happening Jerusalem nightlife on your Israel holiday with friends:

  • Nocturno Live
  • Wild Cat Bar
  • Beer Bazar
  • Kadosh Café Patisserie
  • Casino de Paris
  • Hashchena Wine Bar
  • Mazkeka Venue
  • Yellow Submarine

1. Nocturno Live

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Nocturno Live is one of the best places to witness the Jerusalem nightlife. This is vibrant cafe in the city that hosts interesting and entertaining shows like concerts, stand-up comedy, spoken-word poetry, independent movie screenings, lectures, and a lot more. The cafe also features a kosher dairy and a bar where you can enjoy some really tasty drinks. The menu at Nocturno Live is vegetarian and vegan. The venue has both indoor and outdoor seating spaces for guests to choose from.

Location: Betsal’el St 7, Jerusalem, Israel

Timings: 7am – 12pm

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2. Wild Cat Bar

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Wild Cat Bar is a very peppy spot in the city where night can be spent partying, drinking and eating without any inhibitions. Located in the centre of Jerusalem city, the bar is based on the ancient concept of Hmaras, which used to be a place for people in Jerusalem to drink and play backgammon. This concept bar is known for its superb drinks and delicious pizzas baked in their special Tabun oven. You must also try the pretzels with chocolate to taste the best of Wild Cat Bar. This place also hosts table games including poker and backgammon boards. Come here to attend its crazy parties and lit Thursday nights.

Location: Yosef Rivlin St 3, Jerusalem, Israel

Timings: 8pm – 4pm

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3. Beer Bazar

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Enjoy the night of your Jerusalem vacation by glugging beer at the heaven for beer lovers, the Beer Bazar. That too much ‘beer’ in one sentence and that all what this place is also about. The venue offers a wide range of about 100 craft beers. You would get to taste several Israeli brews also. This is one of the most popular bars and is located in the iconic Yehuda Market of Jerusalem. The prime location and the variety is the USP of Beer Bazar. The bar ensures entertainment of its guests by conducting ‘beer yoga’ and live music.

Location: 3 9431803, Etz Hayyim St, Jerusalem, Israel

Timings: 11am – 3pm

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4. Kadosh Café Patisserie

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Kadosh Café Patisserie was established in 1967. This cafe that has the ambience of Paris city, is French at heart. The cafe features shiney colour schemes, and area for outdoor seating. The ‘chansons’ (French songs) that play in the sound system at the cafe adds to the French vibe. Taste one of the most popular, espresso on ice with vanilla. They coffee loving cafe turns into a cocktail hub after sunset. You can probably come over to this place in the evening and stay till midnight to witness and enjoy the transition of the Cafe just like the transition of this city.

Location: Queen Shlomziyon St 6, Jerusalem, Israel

Timings: 7.30 am – 12am

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5. Casino de Paris

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Casino de Paris is a popular bar in Jerusalem that sits in an old building which used to be officer’s club during the British Mandate and was used by the British soldiers. When the colonials left, this place was abandoned. Later some local entrepreneurs came together and revamped the venue. The place still gives out the vibe of the past. Interestingly, a hip-hop artist is the owner of this club bar presently. Casino de Paris features an indoor-outdoor bar from where you taste amazing food and snacks like tapas and pizza, and drinks some Israeli boutique beers and classic 1920s-era cocktails.

Location: Mahane Yehuda St 3, Jerusalem, Israel

Timings: 12am – 2pm

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6. Hashchena Wine Bar

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Haschena Wine Bar is located in the popular Mahane Yehuda Market and is a hotspot for nightlife scenes. The bar is best to hangout with your partner of close friends for conversations over drinks. The bar has both – outdoor and indoor seating arrangements. Hashchena means ‘neighbourhood’ in Hebrew and has a vibe of a cozy neighbourhood. If you are looking forward to spend the night at a place that has many options in quality wines, local beers and cocktails, Hashchena Wine Bar is the right place for you.

Location: Beit Ya’akov St 11, Jerusalem, Israel

Timings: 6pm – 3am

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7. Mazkeka Venue

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Makeka Venue is a very unique place in Jerusalem and offers raw nightlife experience. This is a non-profit centre that provides a platform for contemporary art. Started in 2014, this place brings together artists who are into music, filmmaking, new media and other performing arts. This is where the artists come, connect and collaborate and for those who are here just as the audience get to enjoy art in its original and fusion form. The venue also features a space to conduct workshops and a recording studio. Enjoy live bands, DJs, and dance performance at Mazkeka.

Location: 3 Shushan Street, Jerusalem

Timings: 7pm – 3am

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8. Yellow Submarine

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If you were looking for stupendous musical experience in while witnessing the Jerusalem nightlife, then this is one of the best venues. Be it jazz or rock or folk, name a music genre and you’ll hear it here. This venue has a fully equipped bar where you can enjoy a variety of lip-smacking drinks and beverages. There is a sitting area and a separate standing area from where can enjoy the charm of the night. Yellow Submarine also features a performance stage for artists and guests to put forward their talent.

Location: Ha-Rekhavim St 13, Jerusalem, 9346212, Israel

Timings: 9.30am – 12am

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Plan a trip to Jerusalem and catch the happening and lit nightlife in Jerusalem at these amazing places to hang out at night. Discover what this city is upto when the sun goes down.

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