Nightlife In Maldives 2023: Top 15 Places To Enjoy The Life On The Island At Night

The much-loved honeymoon destination – Maldives is where lovebirds flock and buy themselves moments containing bliss and solitude. Gladly, the island nation offers a fair balance of romance, adventure, and exciting nightlife. Nightlife in Maldives is much more varied than it is perceived to beBesides bar hopping and clubbing options, you can watch crab racing and jungle cinema as well. Check out the unmissable top experiences of Maldives nightlife – from coolest parties to unique Maldivian experiences to most popular restaurants and bars.

Best Nightlife Experience In Maldives

If you are planning a vacation to this place with friends and looking for party places in Maldives then you  have landed at the right place. Here is a list of the best pubs in Maldives where you can head to for amazing parties in Maldives.

  • Underwater Party – Subsix
  • Jazz Nights And Live Bands – Kurumba
  • White Night Party – Kuredu
  • Karaoke Room – Aaaveee
  • Jungle Cinema – Gili Lankanfushi
  • Night Fishing – Bandos Beach
  • Crab Racing – Kuredu
  • Bar And Pub Hopping- Maldives
  • Star Gazing – Maldives
  • Private Island Dinner – Maafushivaru
  • Moodhu Bar & Restaurant- Reethi Beach
  • Club Med Kani- Kanifinolhu
  • Sundown Bar- Miriandhoo
  • The W Maldives- Fesdu Island
  • Glow in the Dark Beach- Mudhdhoo Island

Popular Parties To Enjoy Maldivian Nightlife

Night parties are a thing in island nations and Maldives is no exception. Here are some of the coolest parties that you must attend to really witness the nighlife of Maldives:

1. Underwater Party – Subsix

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The life 6-metre below the water is dingy and happening here. At Subsix, Per Aquum, Niyama, everything wears the ocean blue shade as you slip underneath the ocean. Taste the delicacies, watch the shoal of eels swim past, and enjoy every bit of the of moment dining and partying with your beloved one at the biggest underwater nightclub Maldives has.

You also have the coveted company of groupers, butterflyfish, and damselfish as the mood lighting sets the tone for the night. The moments thus lived are thrilling and encompass the right mix of thrill and euphoria.

Must try: Night snorkelling, and lime spa

Address: Huluwalu, Maldives

Website | Reviews

Note: Underwater Glow Party on Wednesdays and Saturdays, 9:00 pm onwards

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2. Jazz Nights And Live Bands – Kurumba

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At Kurumba, nights wear different shades on all 7 days of the week. From DJ night, live bands, jazz, social guest gatherings to the local Maldivian dance night of the Bodu Beru, Kurumba brings you everything that makes for a perfect mood setter.

Dance till you drop, make new friends (if you dont have a company already), celebrate your trip to Maldives trip to Maldives like there is no tomorrow.

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3. White Night Party – Kuredu

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A night could be calm and enchanting or wild as a freak, there is nothing in between. White night party, depicts the latter, thus making it among the list of most sought after things to do in Maldives at night. White attire is the dress code, which is a must-pack for all the travelers heading to Kuredu.

Recreate the magic of true tropical island feel as you groove to the numbers played by the renowned DJ under the UV lights. After the sun goes down, Kuredu is the place to be!

When: Every Friday night at Babuna bar

Dress code: White

Website | Reviews

Nightlife of a place isn’t only about the parties and clubs, it is about the opportunities that the destination offers you to make the night just as exciting as the day. Here are some of the unique things that you must try at night in Maldives:

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Unique Things To Do In Maldives At Night

Nightlife of a place isn’t only about the parties and clubs, it is about the opportunities that the destination offers you to make the night just as exciting as the day. Here are some of the unique things that you must try at night in Maldives:

4. Karaoke Room – Aaaveee

After the sun goes down, theres no better place to enjoy other than the Karaoke Room. As much as you love the music, this place plays natural music voiced by birds and whooshing wind.

One of the major attractions of nightlife in Maldives islands, the Karaoke Room is a well-furnished place with handmade chairs and perfect ambiance to hangout with your beloved one. Inspired by the house designs of late 1992, the Karaoke Room is a perfect place to relish the moments. Play all night!

Website | Reviews

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5. Jungle Cinema – Gili Lankanfushi

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Redefine your open air theatre experience at Jungle Cinema in Gili Lankanfushi – the best resort offering romantic water villas in Maldives. Lie down on a comfy recliner chair amid the tranquilizing jungle with your beloved by your side.

Given its alluring charm, this Maldives nightlife experience is certainly a cut above the rest. All you need is a perfect mood, ideal company, some popcorn, and permission from the weather god.

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6. Night Fishing – Bandos Beach

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One of the prime attractions of Maldives nightlife, night fishing at Bandos Beach is a must try. Get a hands on on the basics of fishing, learn the art of serving the bait and get rewarded with your reward. Relish every bit of the dusky ocean and soak in the charm of Maldives beach at night while you wait by the seashore to get a delicious barbecue of your catch and enjoy the local music and folk dance.

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7. Crab Racing – Kuredu

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For an avid traveler with the heart of Columbus, theres plenty to explore in the glittering the nightlife in Maldives islands. Partying and fun could be the most heard but it is the crab racing that hogs the limelight. There are quite a few resorts in Maldives that host this uncanny activity.

The race organizers pick a bunch of crabs that become a part of the competition. They are put together in the sand or a platform, encircled in a small area. The first crab to cross the circles line is adjudged as the winner. Guests put their money on a crab and the winner gets handsome rewards like a free excursion, spa, sunset dinner on the beach and much more. Crab racing is indeed one of the major attractions of nightlife in the Maldives.

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8. Bar And Pub Hopping

Bars constitute the heart and soul of a popular holiday destination. With a place as throbbing as Maldives, a complete idea of bar-coordinates becomes as important as other attractions.

Can’t settle with just one place- Bar and pub hopping is something you can do to experience the best nightlife in Maldives within just one night. Maldivians are known for partying hard until the wee hours. Rejoice every moment of your stay in Maldives, spend some moments gazing stars as you lie down on the silky sand bed. The crazy that you can do at these bars and resorts is certainly among the popular things to do in Maldives at night. Dont forget to check them out before you set foot on the archipelago.

9. Star Gazing – Maldives

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Landing your foot in the Maldives makes your world exciting and happening, but the more exciting part is yet to come with the appearance of bright stars at night. The glance at the sky glittering and studded with the stars will make your inner voice call that ‘That’s the Paradise’. To enjoy the calmness and the scenic beauty of the night, take out the blanket and a few snacks, or perhaps some glass of champagne and simply just look at the stars with your dearest. One can guarantee that this sort of bliss, you have not experienced before. Due to lack of air pollution transforms the dark sky into one that glitters with the light of thousand stars, this is the view that you can embrace here and that memory of that view which you take away from here will definitely bring the sweet smile on your face wherever you are.

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10. Private Island Dinner – Maafushivaru

One of the top things to do in Maldives at night is to have a private dinner with your loved one at one of the luxurious resorts there. Ask for this service at your resort and you will be directed to your private boat which will take you to an island with a perfect arrangement of a candle-lit dinner. You will not only be served with delectable food but also with sparkling drinks. If you do not want to miss this opportunity to have a private time with your spouse then shell out some extra money. 

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Popular Bars & Clubs For Nightlife In Maldives

Some place are simply made for the night and they just effortlessly pull the crowd at night. Here are some of the popular bars and clubs in the Maldives where you can hang out after the sun goes down:

11. Moodhu Bar & Restaurant

This restaurant will give you the perfect vibe that you want a happening nightlife in Maldives. With a thatched roof and ocean as the scene, you can sip on some sparkling water with your spouse at Moodhu Bar & Restaurant. The best part about this place is that it is open for 24 hours so if you are looking for a late-night dinner then they will be at your service. Now, who would want to miss a drink at such a cool place? No one, right?

Location: Reethi Beach Resort, Baa Atoll, North Province

Cost For Two: MVR 1,000 approx.

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12. Club Med Kani

Another one on the list of the best night clubs in Maldives is Club Medi Kani which is well-known for its nightlife. It has not one, not two, but three bars which go by the names – The Iru, The Manta Exclusive Collection Bar, and The Sunset. You can not only enjoy a delicious meal here but can also savor the best views of the ocean. If you want to attend some events, then make sure that you head to the Iru where the couples are entertained with performances for a perfect ending to your experience of nightlife in Maldives

Location: Kaafu Atoll, North Central Province

Cost For Two: MVR 1,200 approx.

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13. Sundown Bar

The Sundown Bar uses the sea views as well as the trees as a perfect backdrop which is why several people plan their dinner date at this place. There is no doubt in the fact that it is a perfect place to unwind and simply appreciate the natural beauty. If you want to make the most of your Maldives trip then you should not skip a visit to this bar which is listed in the top bars and clubs in Maldives

Location: Dhoores Island, Dhaalu Atoll

Cost For Two: MVR 1,100 approx.

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14. The W Maldives

Private Islands are the places where you can escape with your partner for relaxation to spend a few days keeping aside your daily engagements related to work. The pleasure of having dinner in these private Islands will be memorable for you because of the wonderful arrangements available there. The W Maldives has its own private Island which is only 5 minutes travel by the speedboat. 

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15. Glow in the Dark Beach

There are few beaches in Maldives where tourists will experience a glowing ocean with very tiny blue specks of light while swimming. This is an incredible sight that visitors can experience while on a trip to Glow in the Dark Beach. Maldives nightlife becomes spectacular in this beach when the magical glow-in-the-dark effect is seen as distributed by the movement of the ocean waves because of ostracod crustaceans. The ostracod crustaceans can glow for upto one minute and light up the sea just like thousands of shimmering stars in the ocean.

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Daytime is for a commoner, but nightlife is for people of honor! For party lovers, nightlife in Maldives is something that you must go after, because these memories last a lifetime. At night, you get to see the city in a different light. So, start by planning a holiday to Maldives now. Call up your friends, family or partner and head to this gorgeous island nation to delve into the amazing nightlife and to make the most of the nights you spend there.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nightlife In Maldives

Is it safe to travel during COVID times?

You need to follow all the mandatory guidelines mentioned by the government such as maintaining social distance, wearing a mask at public places, washing or sanitizing hands after entry & exit, etc.

What is the nightlife in Maldives like?

The nightlife in Maldives is pretty exciting. From visiting some really exciting clubs and bars to taking a stroll by the beach there are various activities that you can indulge in.

How many days should I spend in Maldives?

Ideally you should spend 4 to 5 days in Maldives. This amount of time usually suffices the many activities that you can try out in Maldives and the places you can explore.

Where can I go at night in Maldives?

There are many places that you can go to Maldives at night. From some really cool clubs such as Club Med Kani and Huvafen Fushi to Bandos Beach there are many places to go to Maldives at night.

What can I do in Maldives at night?

From night fishing at Bandos Beach partying and the famous clubs being a part of Jazz night and a White Night party at Kuredu there is a lot to do in Maldives at night.

What is the best time to visit Maldives?

The best time to visit Maldives is from November to April. The weather is very comfortable and pleasant and you will be able to explore the destination freely.

What is Maldives known for?

Maldives is known for its white beaches, natural environment and the beautiful blue Ocean. Also, the climate of Maldives is a great add on.

Can I visit the beaches in Maldives at night?

Yes, you can visit the beaches and Maldives at night. In fact, there are activities your that you can indulge at beaches during night. You can try night fishing at Bandos beach.

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