The Best 10 Night Clubs to try out in Paris in 2020

Tonight we take you for a walk in the best clubs of Paris. Let yourself be transported by the City of Light, because when Paris falls asleep, another Paris wakes up: as those of night birds, serials-clubbers, insomniacs and other night owls,…

Paris is full of good clubs, and to make your life easier, our nightlife experts have tasted the sweet Parisian land and have concocted a guide with the 10 best night clubs not to be missed in Paris.


Since its opening 30 years ago, the Rex has become one of the driving forces of the Parisian scene. Located on the famous Grands Boulevards, next to the movie theater of the same name, the Rex Club is one of the Parisian clubs that has kept a soul and authenticity throughout the ages. Since the 90s, the Rex was the refuge of electronic music and offset with the Parisian scene. Laurent Garnier in particular, with his evenings Wake Up, was one of the protagonists of the success of this legendary club. The Rex has also hosted all the greatest DJs, from Carl Cox, Jeff Mills to Kerri Chandler, Lil ‘Louis, the Daft Punk, Justice and the entire French Touch movement led by Ed Banger and Pedro Winter. More recently, artists such as Daniel Avery, Oscar Mulero, Derrick May, Paul Ritch, Chez Damier, Anja Schneider or DJ Tennis have passed behind their decks.

Music: The parties offered by the Rex oscillate between House and Techno from Wednesday to Saturday, with DNB parties from time to time. The musical spectrum is quite wide but the line-ups are always good. To sum up: we are never disappointed.

Dress Code: The dress code at Rex is free, they will not judge you, come dressed as you feel.

Entry Price: Early birds usually start at 5 €. Then the prices increase and are between 12 € and 20 €. For a VIP service with bottle, the price is 180 € for 4 people with 2 soft drinks.

Opening/Closing Hours: The Rex Club is open from Wednesday to Saturday from 00h to 07h so if you come to Paris and you spend the weekend, put on your best sneakers and get ready to hit the dancefloor!

What We Like: Its modesty. Rex is a club without artifice where the only star is music.

One tip: A good ear cleaning beforehand to make the most of one the best sound system in the capital.


The Garage is the former Grand Rivage, a club that was supposed to be short-lived but which finally got established for good. Located on the quay of Austerlitz facing the Seine, it is the newest member of the club family of the district (opened in 2017). The line-up is always elaborate, the Garage invites many national and international artists such as Konstantin Sibold, Ivan Smagghe, Etapp Kyle, Molly, Butch and Charlotte de Witte..


Music: This club half-loft, half-squat will delight all electronic music lovers. The Garage’s art direction is turned to labels, good collectives and house and techno DJs & producers.

Dress Code: At the Garage, it’s good vibes, good people only. No dress codes, just the music that counts.

Entry Price: The tickets price for Garage is always 5 €. The place is quite big, the sound system of quality, definitely a club where to spend the whole summer.

Opening/Closing Hours: The Garage is open from March to October and from Thursday to Saturday (and Sunday from April and Wednesday during the summer) from 23h to 6h (19h during the summer).

What We Like: Its large terrace at the edge of the water in summer.

One tip: Make sure you know the names of the artists who play the same night, this is a selection criterion at the entrance.


The Badaboum is a club located near Bastille that opened in 2013, which mixes concert hall, cocktail bar and Parisian-style club. The concerts take place from 8pm to 11pm and the club takes over until the end of the night. The club has a good sound system – a must-have for concerts – and a cocktail bar with raw walls and wooden wardrobes. Its floor has the appearance of a small cozy and vintage apartment.

Music: The music played at Badadoum oscillates between techno and house. The club usually invites big names coming from the French and international techno/house scene. Among others, The Badaboum has hosted Apollonia, Cassy, Tama Sumo, Dusky, DJ Tennis, Marshall Jefferson or Omar S and Jeremy Underground.

Dress Code: No need to wear your suits and ties, the atmosphere is relaxed.

Entry Price: The tickets price varies according to the evenings and the invited artists, but it oscillates generally between 12 € and 16 €. If you want to pay a little less, Badaboum often sells Early tickets, which are valid if you enter before a certain time.

Opening/Closing Hours: The Badaboum is open from Thursday to Saturday from 23:30 to 06h (for the clubbing part).

What We Like: The originality of the spot and the sound quality.

One tip: Do not expect a big club, it is rather a place of character with an intimate look.


The Djoon is a special place with a New York look. It is a restaurant, which in the evening becomes a club, a real temple of the Chicago House. Each Weekend, the club invites the masters of the discipline and the most specialized Parisian amateurs. The place is spacious, large loft style with bay windows and looks rather sophisticated, but after midnight the atmosphere starts to heat up. People move and it dance a lot!

Music: Soulful House is the spirit of this place. The club also plays groovy beats, house, deep house and even a mix of both: funky house, nu soul. Regarding the invited artists, the club does not skimp and is quite accurate in its selection: DJ of Detroit, NYC, Berlin or London. DJs such as Hunee, San Proper, have already passed behind its decks. Others big names have also passed in this club such as Demuja, Delano Smith, Joey Negro, Tama Sumo, Antal but also legends like Terrence Parker, Jamie 3:26,Chez Damier and Louie Vega.

Dress Code: Trendy, casual, chic and artistic vibe. Jeans and t-shirt for guys and for women a bit of a vintage hint is fine.

Entry Price: The entry price varies depending on the event. Early tickets at low prices are available, but tickets are going up according to the different releases.

Opening/Closing Hours The Djoon is open from 23:30 to 06h on Fridays and Saturdays.

What We Like: The original tunes they play and their themed evenings.

One tip: To spend an atypical and out of the ordinary evening, the Djoon is the ideal


In just a few years, since 2013 more specifically, Concrete has become a reference among Parisian techno clubs. The club is located on a barge a few steps away from the Gare de Lyon. The Concrete’s Barge has a super large terrace overlooking the Seine. This wood floor is super nice to see the sunset on the Seine for those who arrive early.

Music: In Concrete, we come to dance on techno and house tunes. Each week, the two stages of the Parisian barge are taken over by international artists such as Nina Kraviz, Apollonia, Len Faki, Marcel Dettmann, Ben Klock, Lil’ Louis and many others.

Dress Code: Neither dress code nor discrimination, only music matters. Now if we analyze well the style of these young clubbers in their thirties in search of strong musical sensations that go into this club, we denote a bobo-trendy-hipster dominant genre.

Entry Price: Entrance to Concrete is usually free before midnight and then 15 €.

Opening/Closing Hours: Concrete is open every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 22h to 10h in the morning and during the summer it opens from 20h. Occasionally, the club lives for 28 hours in a row from 22h on Saturday night to 02h on Monday.

What We Like: Dancing until the morning to see the sunrise.

One tip: Do not say “La Concrete” or you’ll seem like an idiot. It’s Concrete just short.


La Machine du Moulin Rouge is a club located near the district of Pigalle. It is actually a bar, a concert hall and a club, like its friend Badadoum. The club is loaded with a great history and has a true identity. Formerly named “La Loco” until 2010, the club was bought by the owners of the Moulin Rouge. The Machine offers a real persity of music and genre thanks to its 3 rooms that allow it to vary styles during the same party.

Music: The club offers different types of musical atmospheres: techno evenings with always refined line-ups. Artists such as Jeff Mills, Laurent Garnier, Marcel Dettmann, Paul Kalkbrenner, Len Faki, Âme, Ellen Alien, Ben Sims, and many others played there. La Machine du Moulin Rouge also organizes hip-hop parties or “We Are the 90s”.

Dress Code: No dress code defined, but a proper dress is required. Shorts, flip-flops and sportswear are prohibited.

Entry Price: The price of entrance really varies according to the events, but it is generally between 12 € and 20 €.

Opening/Closing Hours: The club opens around midnight and closes at 6am.

What We Like: The layout of the club spread out over several floors.

One tip: Come early because the club is filling up fast enough!


Le Petit Bain is a nightclub like no other. As the name suggests, the club is located on a barge, the place is both a concert hall, restaurant and club. It is a real cultural space that gives a chance to small local collectives and also invites from time to time some big names like Patrice Baumel for example. Le Petit Bain has a room that can accommodate up to 450 people, in a very intimate and super convivial atmosphere.

Music: Le Petit Bain varies styles, from psy-trance, techno, reggae to hard rock, it touches all tastes.

Dress Code: Far from a trendy atmosphere, people come dressed as they want at Le Petit Bain!

Entry Price: Prices are normally around 10 € – 15 €. Reduced price for students!

Opening/Closing Hours: Le Petit Bain is open on Fridays and Saturdays regarding the club part, from 23:30 to 05:30.

What We Like: Its social side, the place is accessible for people with reduced mobility, and coming soon, the place will also be accessible for deaf persons. In addition, once a month on Sunday afternoon, the club is transformed into “Little Bath Showers” and opens its dance floor to children!

One tip: Besides the club, Le Petit Bain has a terrace where you can taste its delicious mojitos and enjoy the beautiful view of the Seine.

8. T7

The T7 (Terminal 7) is one of the latest Parisian clubs. Located at Porte de Versailles, the T7 is a huge club with a room located high up with a breathtaking view over Paris. To give you an idea, the club has a 1000m2 space with 400m2 of terrace! Its interior architecture is incredible, the room is also covered with neon lights.

Music: The T7 focuses its musical programming on house, tech-house and techno. Since its opening in December 2017, the club has hosted Apollonia, Sam Paganini, Ricardo Villalobos, Seth Troxler, Sonja Moonear and the artists of the Hungry music label, Worakl’s, N’to, Joaquim Pastor and Stereoclip.

Entry Price: Pre-sales range between 20 and 40 euros. And the price goes down a bit if you enter the club before midnight.

Dress Code: Come as you are.

Opening/Closing Hours: The T7 is open once a week, on Friday or Saturday depending on the event, from 23h to 06h.

What We Like: To be able to dance on good sound with a panoramic view of Paris and enjoy various bars that allow you not to queue while ordering a drink.

One tip: Their events are occasional and are often sold out, we strongly recommend you to take your tickets in advance.


Les Nuits Fauves is a club located in the fashion and design city along the Seine. Its name, it owes it to the film of the same name from Cyril Collard, since the place has served as a filming location. A playground at once dark, subversive, intimate, wild, electric, raw and strange. Les Nuits Fauves acquired Wonderlust space to become a huge partying spot. The neo-punk space has 700m2 to accommodate 1,500 people and has become one of Paris’ must-sees.

Music: Typically Berliner in its conception, it hosts every week techno artists such as Tiga, Paula Temple, Pär Grindvik, Octave One but also artists from more varied backgrounds such as Darius, Cassius ou Para One.

Entry Price: Pre-sales are generally € 11.80 (entry before 1 am) and € 16.80. Prices may vary depending on the events.

Dress code: No need to doll yourself up too much to go to Nuits Fauves, the place is underground, so sneakers, jeans and black t-shirt will do the trick. Avoid tracksuit and flip flops anyway.

Opening/Closing Hours: The club is open on Friday and Saturday, sometimes on Thursday, always from 23h to 06h.

What We Like: Its raw and minimalist Berlin setting and its programming.

One tip: Walk around and go to the bottom floor


The Glazart is a small club located near La Villette in the north-east of Paris. Located in a converted former coach station, the Glazart is both a concert hall, an exhibition space and a nightclub. Its originality is revealed on sunny days, when the club opens its beach, an outdoor sand beach that hosts many events throughout the summer.

Music: The club organizes events of all kinds but is a reference in terms of dubstep, drum’n’bass, trance, dub and hardcore.

Entry Price: Pre-sales range between 10 and 15 euros depending on events.

Dress Code: Underground, but come as you want!

Opening/Closing Hours: Normally, the club opens on weekends from 00h to 07h, but opening hours may change during the summer or for special events. The Glazart also organizes many afters, including the Dream Nation Festival in September.

What We Like: The cool atmosphere and the beach!

One tip: Take a look at its facade entirely tagged by the collective TRBDSGN.