The Cute Country Pub Perched On A London Underground Platform • Tap On The Line


Minor delays on the District line due to a Tap on the Line.

As it turns out, TfL have a suggestions page for you to submit your own ideas. Don’t bother suggesting pubs in London Underground stations though, because it turns out someone’s beaten you to it. Over at Kew Gardens station, you’ll find The Tap on the Line, a charming little boozer that sits right on the platform.

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Photo: @moni_du_monde

The Tap on the Line – previously known, somewhat unimaginatively, as The Railway – is the only place on the Underground where you can see your train coming, sink your pint, and still be on board when it leaves. Back in the days before Oyster cards, you could exit from the pub directly onto the platform – sadly, this isn’t an option any more. The allure of the pub could get problematic if Kew Gardens is your final stop, though. To finish your commute and see a pub sitting invitingly on the platform is a temptation you can only overlook so many times.

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You can literally see your pint from the train… Photo: @fullers

Handy location aside, The Tap on the Line has some other useful features. The food is reportedly rather nice, with eggs florentine being a reputed highlight. They also stock a decent range of Belgian beers, for the discerning drinkers amongst you. Live music nights are a common feature, and they’ve been known to serve cut-price G&Ts on Thursdays. All aboard!

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Photo: @antienjie

If you’re paying a visit to The Tap on the Line, why not check out some other curiosities in this slice of the world? Nearby Kew Gardens is justifiably famous for its plants, but it also hosts the Kew Constabulary – one of the smallest police forces in the world. Man, Kew really is its own little world, isn’t it?

Location: Station Approach, Richmond, TW9 3PZ. Nearest station is – shockingly – Kew Gardens. See it on Google Maps.

Opening hours: 8:30am-11pm (Mon to Thu), 8am-11pm (Fri), 9am-11pm (Sat), 10am-10:30pm (Sun).

Price: it’s in south west London, so expect to pay Surrey prices.

More information: on their website.

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Featured image: @heynowally

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