The UK’s First Ever Orange Wine Bar Has Opened In Hackney • Silver Lining


Silver Lining is making history with their extensive orange wine collection.

While lockdown was mildy traumatic for the majority of us, Hackney’s Silver Lining used this time to transform their beautiful restaurant into a wine bar – and not just any wine bar, a wine bar dedicated to orange wine! They have reopened their doors this week and now boast 50 orange wines in their collection. We know where we’re going this weekend…

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Orange wine gets its unmistakable colour from ‘skin contact’ during fermentation. Essentially, the skin on white grapes are not removed during this process as they usually are when making white wine. The outcome is this fascinatingly orange beverage with more tannins and a bolder, more savoury taste. Orange wine has become very trendy over the last few years, with some flocking for the bitter taste and many excited by the extremely Instagrammable colour. Either way, Silver Lining is set to be very popular.

They also offer a wonderful variation of seasonal small plates that pair perfectly with their wines. Their French inspired menu includes saucisson, sardines, anchovies and a number of other tasty light bites.

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And if you fancy a sweeter beverage, you can always head to their sister bar next door for bottled cocktails and ‘MarTinys’. And the best part may just be its name: Every Cloud. A round of applause to whoever named these bars, they have truly outdone themselves.

Managing Director Sarah Maddox said “Our closure during lockdown has given us time to plan and reopen with something we’re really passionate about. Currently, even in a specialist establishment, you may only find one or two orange wines on a menu, which is why we’ve continued to work with our fantastic wine growers and suppliers, to present a range of orange and skin-contact wine that really shows the breadth and variety of this category.” The future’s bright, the future’s orange…


Opening hours are 5-10pm Thursdays & Fridays, 12-10pm Saturdays, 12-8pm Sundays.


13 Morning Lane, Hackney, E9 6ND. Nearest station is Hackney Central.