This Unforgettable Cocktail Experience Invites You To A Meeting Of Criminal Masterminds


Welcome to the most dangerous cocktail party of your life.

Yes, cocktails rarely come with a side of danger, but then again you’ve probably never been to Don Pablo’s house for cocktails. For Don Pablo is one of the city’s most notorious crime bosses, a man who has his fingers in every pie, and who has been your business partner for the past few months. To celebrate the delivery of his latest shipment, he’s promised a party of special magnificence, at which the glittering elite and incredible entertainment will be found – but to get through the door, you’ll need to answer one very important question: “Plata o Plomo?” Find your tickets here, and read on for more.

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This immersive cocktail experience (from the team behind London’s Mad Hatter Gin & Tea Party, and the upcoming Little Mermaid Cocktail Experience) is unlike anything else you’ve experienced. It’s your ticket to the stratosphere, where the finest rums will be served, and the Don’s favourite band will be playing tunes long into the dusk. In short, it’s a night you’ll never forget. But there is, however, a catch.

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You see, Don Pablo is a nervous man, and has recently had cause to believe that he’s been betrayed by one of his narcos. He is not a man to be crossed, and word is going around that all guests will be asked a question at the door: “Plata o Plomo?” (Silver or Lead?). Untold riches await if you choose wisely, but make one wrong move, and this could be the last party you ever attend

To avoid detection, Don Pablo will be keeping the location and timing of the party under wraps for now – but rumour has it that you can be kept in the know by joining the waiting list here!

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