Xceed Premiere 014: Ian Axide – Project 7

Due to the situation caused by the covid-19, I became able to spend a lot of time in the studio without any pressure. That was my main motivation to finish Spherical.

This is how sincere the Spaniard Ian Axide shows himself, who from his studio in London has finally been able to finish a project he had been working on for two years. Spherical is the Spaniard’s debut album. It is a 10-track record that will be released on June 29th on Emphatic Records, his own label.

I started to plan my first album 2 years ago. I have released a lot of EPs on different labels during the last years, and an album was something I always wanted to make but never had enough time to focus on. I always had a lot of unfinished projects on my computer.

Image: © Ian Axide’s Press Kit

Spherical is cutting-edge work. Although the mental, introspective and psychedelic techno sounds are the protagonists, the album also leaves room for ambient tracks with a strong presence of drones, as in “Spherical” or “Core”, where the rhythm is set by the claps alone. “Exhausted”, the sixth track on the album, provides much more experimental bases, with broken basses and ultra-soft drops. “Transitions” also differs from Spherical‘s general tone by notably slowing down the pitch, a technique not very common in works within the genre.

Xceed Night Mag premieres “Project 7”, the closing track, the last of the 10 that makeup Spherical. In it, again broken bases coexist with intense percussions and distant and atmospheric synths. As a whole, “Project 7” evokes melancholy, peace and light after an hour’s journey in which different rather dark places are visited. A clear example of what could be understood as ambient techno.

For this album I used hardware and software, I would say 50% each. The DAW I have been using for the last 10 years is Logic. I feel really comfortable with it and the quality of sound is amazing. Regarding the hardware, I used Roland SE 02, 808, 909 and 303. Also, I always do the mixing and mastering in all my tracks, even when I make music for external labels. This part is really important to me. I did the most of this process for the album with Universal Audio.

Ian Axide tells us that this is one of the most emotional moments in his artistic career. He produced over 30 tracks and it took him a long time and effort to decide on the final 10. He was looking for the deepest, most organic and, at the same time, most energetic music. He believes he has found the ideal balance.

I would say this album is deep and hypnotic, but also energetic. When I listen to the tracks, I can think in different situations and places. My goal is always to create music to listen in a club or festival, but also, at least a few tracks, also at home or driving your car. This is for me the concept of an album.


  1. Spherical
  2. Black
  3. Core
  4. Diving
  5. Blue
  6. Exhausted
  7. Transitions
  8. Vertice
  9. Birmingham
  10. Project 7


(Cover Image: © Emphatic Records)