London opens a new house club this summer: Glam

The end of the restrictions is assuming that several new projects that have been prepared in the British capital begin to see the light. One of them is Glam, a new club dedicated to house music that opened its doors in the Shoreditch neighbourhood on June 25.

Glam is the project of Paul Nelson and Carl McCormick, two old friends who met in 1992 and who launched Aquarium in 1995, a legendary club located in the same premises that Glam will now occupy.

“Every weekend, the completely renovated club will stimulate all your senses with plush curtains, hanging chandeliers, warm backlighting, and a host of wild characters, from drag queens to burlesque dancers. It will be quirky and filled with the disco dazzle it is made of. Studio 54 is a place of worship, but always with an adequate and sensible house soundtrack “, they explain in the press release.

The club will have three unique spaces. The famous swimming pool of the Aquarium has disappeared and has been replaced by a lounge for VIPs in association with Ciroc; the main room where you can dance to the best-known DJs, and the private lounge, a cocktail lounge that serves contemporary fusion food, with live soul and jazz shows.

On Fridays, it will be the night of Soul Kingdom, some evenings for lovers of disco and house music while on Saturdays it will be the turn of the ToyBox house parties. It will be an immersive and escapist party that will take you a million miles from the norm, deep into a fantastic new world of vibrant and vivid colours and characters with the best DJs in the world.

Don’t miss out and visit this new IT London club.