Pubs With Beer Gardens Are Likely To Be The First To Return, Minister Says


Could beer gardens be back this July?

Since we’re now allowed to hang out in groups of six, with a mix of households, our thoughts are naturally turning to the best place for such a gathering. Whilst parks and gardens present the current options, there’s nary a Londoner who hasn’t planned their return to the beer garden this summer; and on that front, we have good news, as it’s been revealed today that pubs with beer gardens will be amongst the first to reopen.

Environment Secretary George Eustice, speaking today on Sky News, said that although the rules surrounding pubs, bars, restaurants, and cafes are unlikely to be relaxed until July, “in the case of pubs and restaurants [reopening] will begin with beer gardens and outdoor areas only.” One assumes that the rule for pubs will be reminiscent of the newly-announced rules for private gardens: you’ll be allowed to go through the inside areas in order to access the beer garden, but won’t be allowed to linger indoors.

It’s a small crumb of comfort for now, but since we Londoners are attached to our beer gardens quite unlike any other people, it’s that glimmer of hope needed to keep the dream of summer afternoons at the pub alive. With the start of July being over a month away, we’ll likely be waiting a little while for confirmation of this news, but rest assured that we’ll be telling you as soon as we know more.

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