Top 5 Areas to Party in London

London is known as one of the nightlife capitals of the world and if you are visiting London, a night out in town should not be missed.

Going out in London can be tricky and where you decide to go is of crucial importance to guarantee a successful night out. It is better to visit an area with lots of venues close together so that you won’t have to spend the whole night stuck in just one bar. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a list of the best areas in London for an incredible night out. Each party area in the city of London has a unique flavour and style so you can handpick which one works better for you.

The cosmopolitan district Soho

Soho is known as London’s disco bonanza and the centre of the capital’s nightlife scene both geographically and spiritually. Soho is the capital’s most vibrant social hub with its many theatres, bars and nightclubs. This popular and fashionable party area has the hottest and decadent dance spots in London. Even though prices in Soho can be on the high side, it is totally worth it. Soho is one of London’s liveliest districts where you will find a great night amidst the madness of central London.

The avant-garde area of Camden

If you like the alternative scene, Camden is most certainly the place for you. Camden is easily up there as one of the best areas in the city of London. With its unique vibe, alternative street art and eccentric venues, it is a great place to party and should be on every person’s list of places to see when in London. Did you know that Camden is home to the biggest pub in Europe? The World’s End is one of Camden’s most popular pubs with great local beer selections! For an unforgettable evening in London, venture into this neighbourhood that never sleeps!

East London party kingdom Shoreditch

If you ask us to describe Shoreditch in one single word it would definitely be: hipster. Shoreditch is by far one of the coolest spots in the city known for its buzzing nightlife scene featuring trendy cocktail bars and stylish clubs. This East London area attracts a cool crowd with its banging club nights and pop up markets. A night out in Shoreditch is nothing if not memorable.

Gastro hotspot Brixton

Brixton is the perfect place for music lovers. In this London area, you will find awesome bars, clubs and concert halls for all tastes. Popular for being the birthplace of David Bowie, Brixton is an eclectic south London area and possibly the only place in the city where you’ll find a church with a tapas bar in its crypt. The area has strong ties to the Caribbean and it’s now one of London’s most popular go-to areas.

Popular Greenwich

As South-East London becomes ever more accessible and desirable among hip circles, more and more people are crossing the river in search of hot late-night bars and nightclubs. What better place to make port than nautical Greenwich which has captured the imagination of many great thinkers and late-night drinkers in London’s history. Visit Greenwich and experience London’s VIP nightlife to the fullest.

As you can see each district offers something different. Camden Town with its jazzy atmosphere, Shoreditch offering a nice variety of music, the Caribbean influenced neighbourhood Brixton with its many funk and hip-hop clubs and Soho, which is one of the biggest party destinations in the capital.

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