Turn Your Flat Into A Cosy Wine Bar With These Brilliant Online Wine Tastings

Borough Wines are here to refine your palate – with extremely quaffable wines!

It’s amazing how many of the things I’m missing at the moment are alcohol-related: cocktail bars, beer gardens, wine bars, and so on and so forth. Thankfully, Borough Wines are here to assuage the loss of the latter, with a series of wonderful online wine tastings that will deliver fine vintages straight to your home. You can read on for more, or grab your tickets here if you’re already swayed!

Whether you’d like to be a little more informed about the vintages you’ve been drinking all these years, or you’d just like another reason to drink your way through lockdown, the Borough Wines tasting sessions are perfect for you. Six different sessions, running on multiple dates, will explore wines of different nationalities and varieties – taking you from low-intervention wines to chilled reds, and from fine Italian wineries to the best vintages of England and Lebanon. (See the full range of tastings here.)

It’s quite the odyssey for oenophiles, and since each tasting set can accommodate up to four people, it’s easy to split the cost amongst your lockdown buddies too. You’ll be sent six 25cl bottles of wine that tie into the tasting series of your choice, along with a tasting mat, glossary of wine terms, and a flavour chart, all of which will help you gain a greater understanding of the world of wines.

Each session is led by one of Borough Wines’ qualified sommeliers, who will be more than happy to walk you through the finer points of wine tasting. Oh, and you won’t be taking this journey alone, as you’ll be joined by several other households from across London, turning it into an entertaining and educational adventure. If your thirst for wine is matched only by a thirst for knowledge, sign up for a session, and prepare to emerge from lockdown a more enlightened drinker!

Find your tickets to Borough Wines’ online tastings here.

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