You Can Now Buy A Range Of Sweet Merch To Help Your Favourite Pubs

Save your favourite pub and refresh your wardrobe all at once with fresh merch from the Keep Pubs Pumping campaign.

To be candid with you, friends, I absolutely live for merch. And when buying said merch is going to help keep some of Secret London’s favourite pubs in business, you know I’m going to jump all over it. Happily, that’s just what a new designer-led initiative is doing, as you can now rep your beloved local with a swish t-shirt or tote bag, all whilst providing an income for those pubs who’ve had to close their doors.

The campaign, known as Keep Pubs Pumping, has been formed in response to the news that pubs are likely to be some of the last businesses to reopen in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, with some especially gloomy estimates pegging the reopening date around Christmas. Uniting designers and pubs, Keep Pubs Pumping will provide a vital source of income that – sadly – isn’t currently being provided by rounds of beer.

If you’re a regular at The Blue Posts in Soho, you’ll want to get your hands on Emmy Lupin’s toast-worthy design. Meanwhile, if The Glory is the only place you want to be on Saturday nights, Cressida Djambov’s spectacular creation provides the sweet threads you need. As the home of many a Secret London pub session and birthday night out, I’m eyeing up Alasdair Spencer’s homage to The Ten Bells for my next lockdown buy.

The Keep Pubs Pumping campaign are still on the lookout for more independent pubs and willing designers – if you fall into these groups, you can contact them here – but at present eleven designs are available, which also include such legendary boozers as The Star of Bethnal Green, The Bill Murray, and The Dove on Broadway Market. T-shirts cost £24, and totes are available for £16, with all the profits (save for a 5% fee for illustrators) going straight to the pub. A direction which we’ll be immediately heading as soon as this is over…

Find out more and shop for your favourites here.

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